Would You Like To Cosplay A Chinese City Manager At Halloween?

There is more than two months from the Western tradition of Halloween. Many countries have begun to sell props and uniforms. To our surprise, “Urban China” uniform is sold in the shops. And the uniforms are classified as Halloween horrific and dead props.

It seems that China’s urban management has been the same class with the devil, zombies, vampires and so on. They are fierce, rude and impolite. They screw people who are weak over and rub people who are strong the right way. How rebarbative the city management are!

What would you like to act at Halloween? If you always act as a devil, a zombies or a vampire, why don’t you act as “Urban China” this time? You will be the most twinkle person in the Halloween Party!

One thought on “Would You Like To Cosplay A Chinese City Manager At Halloween?

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