Why do you cosplay?

According to this question” why do you cosplay?” I have done a survey.

I: Can you tell me why do you cosplay?

Taliesin: I love dressing up. c: Con is like an extension of Halloween, but with actual characters in really short skirts instead of “graveyard fairies” with really short skirts.

HMTQ – Madge: I cosplay as a hobby. It’s a fun thing to do in my spare time. But it does go deeper than that. i love being able to go to conventions and be around people I have so much common ground with. Cosplay just makes that all the more fun. ^_^

I: How can you leave time to cosplay?

Tehkukikookie: It keeps me busy and focused on something. I’m not able to do most active…activities because of a condition, so cosplaying is a fun thing to do when I get tired of drawing or reading.

There are 8 people who voted my question. There are 87.5%, 7 people just as a hobby, only one for others, there in nobody make cosplay as a job!

It means they are cosplay in pastime just sometimes. But I have learned many cosplay lovers want to cosplay, but they don’t act, why? The big problem is


Yes, especially cosplay costume will waste much money! But there have several online stores, in the store, cosplay costume are no as expensive as others, what’s more, you can get the best quality costumes!

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