The most classical cartoon,do you agree?

 Dragon Ball

I found a very serious problem, I have written so many blogs, incredibly my favorite Dragon Ball never mentioned, it seems people old just have a bad memory. Dragon Ball is well-known in many countries, much attention recently, my roommates also look the series cartoon on Internet, in 2009 is still out of the movie, what seven Dragon Ball live-action version, unexpectedly turtle immortal acted by Chow Yun-fat, is Master Roshi. What time will it take a more complete version, gathered all the characters, and dragon, that will certainly become a audiovisual feast of Dragon Ball to fans.

Dragon Ball (alias: seven Dragon Ball ) is created by the famous Japanese cartoonist Akira Toriyama, satisfiedly works, published in 1984, 1992 to launch” Dragon Ball ”sequel again. This long epic serialized in “Shounen Jump ” for 7 years.

The story of Goku, his father and the seven dragon balls which can satisfy people’s wish, taking the readers from the village to cities, from the earth to an alien, from now to future.

According to the comic story of Dragon Ball, also launched a series of cartoons, whether the TV version or theater version, which attractted countless dragon ball fan, lifting the upsurge of dragon ball.

Dragon ball games also come on stage in succession in various consoles, the game mode is of wide varieties, all those let the dragon ball fans with addiction.

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