The development of Cosplay

The so-called role-playing, originated from the Comic Market event the latter half of 1970.the participants who were dressed as the appearance of the popular animated characters when they come to the venue. Although this behavior is also accused, was organized by the United States follow the example of SF in the General Assembly, some participants makeup into Star Trek (Star Trek) and other works in the debut of characters come to the exhibition of the move, but the details remain the same unknown.
After that, Comic Market doujinshi sold outside the will and SF in Japan has also appeared in the General Assembly to follow the person, role playing, and thus gradually developing.
Japanese media reports first published role-playing publisher Fanroad in Rapport magazine in August 1980 number (first issue). Harajuku was swept to imitate the “bamboo shoots family” (タ ケ ノ コ family) was called “Hoya family” (ト ミ ノ コ family). “Hoya,” the name is from the Mobile Suit Gundam Yoshiyuki Tomino supervision. In the report published in the Mobile Suit Gundam Tomino’s makeup wearing dancing film.

Cosplay is porpular in many countries

And it evolved into current cosplay. Now cosplay clothes can be bought in many places. I do not introduce too much that what is cosplay, and surely we should all know better than I, I might come to a layman. But it is not important.The important thing is that I know where can buy cheap colplay clothes,whatever colplay you want to have.Even if not can follow the way you want to do it for you, make you one hundred percent satisfaction. I do not say this site well, only you know the real feelings of his good, this site also has a lot of Superman clothes, such as the deadpool costume, Spider-Man.

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