Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto

I have been watching the naruto with a long time, This anime have a strong appeal to me, there are two reason: 1. This anime has a tight nit plot, very ingenious, and something’s there is some build-up for the next story.2. Character’s disposition is very sharp, although they are children, but their mind and will is the same with adults, even excel some adults. From this we can make out that Japanese’s preciseness, they do the anime as a very important thing, like making a film, does not make it as a gadget that making happiness for, Japanese anime is well known in the world.

Naruto’s father and mother had gone out of the world when he came on the scene, you is very strong to face the days lonely. In school, he envious of his mate who is loved by parents, feeling alone, and be detained as a monster, so I should say he is in a very difficult situation. but he never despair, haven’t blamed others and the god, always want to use his  action to attract other’s attention, want to proved himself, Endeavour at using his action to get other’s recognition. Perhaps he is not very clever, so sometimes he must pay double effort to learn the same ninjitsu skill that other child can learn it easily. and he always persist his ideal that one day he will be the Hokage, one day everyone will identity himself, if he have be trying.

Although his child, I also deeply admire him. In fact, we should learn from him, no matter whenever; wherever or what kind of adverse, we also should face life positively; we should stick to our dream. by the way I like cosplay he by wearing naruto cosplay costume.