Death Note Misa Cosplay Fashion Show

Misa is a popular Japanese idol from Death Note. She is immature and tends to refer to herself in the third person in an attempt to be cute. She is completely devoted to Light, saying that she loved him at first sight, although the feeling is hardly mutual- since Light merely views her as a rather annoying asset. In the manga version, she kills herself after Light’s death, which is implied in the anime’s finale. What happens to her after the film version is uncertain- the only remaining characters whose fates are revealed are L and the Yagami family.

Misa in Death Note anime
Misa Amane in the anime

Misa in Death Note Movie

Misa Amane in the films

Misa, portrayed in the film by Erika Toda. Toda said that she admired the fact that Misa “does everything she sets out to do” and that the actions of Light and Misa are “criminal.”

Death Note Misa cosplay

Death Note Misa cosplay

Misa is a cute, she owns a beautiful appearance, and she is dedication of love. Misa is a many girls’ idol, hence there are so many Death Note Misa cosplay. Do Misa cosplay is very easy! Just a Misa cosplay costume and a death note, maybe a wig.

How to cosplay Death Note Light Yagami?

Light Yagami cosplayNeed some help to cosplay Death Note Light Yagami?

1. Think of your looks
Indeed, Death Note Light Yagami is a very hot role to cosplay, many guys choose L to cosplay, but are you suitable for this role? So, first yours better think of your looks to ensure you are suitable for Light Yagami.

2. Light Yagami cosplay costume

After you ensure if you were suitable for the role of Light Yagami, you should consider Light Yagami cosplay costume. Light usually wears light yellow suits and red tie. Light Yagami Cosplay Costume on is very good, it is made by good Fabric .What’s more, its price is quite reasonable!

3. Cosplay action

Do Death Note Light Yagami cosplay don’t much makeup, dress in Light Yagami cosplay costume, take with a Death Note, then you can begin cosplaying.

Try to act very intelligent, and dignified.  If you are group cosplaying and there is an L, it might help to fight him. Or laugh maniacally.