How much do you know about cosplay costume?

cosplayCosplay, maybe it already has no new words to describe .Everyday, there are hundreds of cosplayers doing their favorite cosplay all over the world. We see their dressing, beautiful, relative, and cute…… In a word, their costumes make us surprised!!

How much do you know about these cosplay costume that make us surprised?

The most of these cosplay costume are made by cosplayers themselves, you maybe can’t believe,

But it is true! The big part of cosplayers is designers. They deign their favorite character costume to cosplay them. The costume will be very suitable than those bought in cosplay stores. But it is very expensive and it need much professional skills.

There are also parts of cosplayer choosing buy cosplay costume in stores. Because these costumes are not like our daily clothing, so it is usually ordering at first, then factory make it based on your body size, thus the costume will much more fit your body.

Avatar cosplay from avatar movie


Avatar is a 2009 American epic science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron, it has won so many audiences, when Avatar hit the box offices it quickly grabbed the title of best box office sales for a SciFi movie. Within 41 days it had become the top grossing movie of all time..
While director James Cameron was hard at work planning and filming the SciFi epic Avatar, there was already chatter in the cosplay community about what the characters would be like.

Avatar cosplayCosplayers around the world fell in love with the characters and with the Na’vi species in general. Many Cosplayers were inspired and quickly set out to cosplay Na’vi. This Avatar cosplay related with cosplay costume,body suits and body painting and others,such as ears.

cosplay Na’vi girl