How To Make Up For You Cosplay?

What will do you do when you can’t make up in your favorite cosplay? It is so embarrassed! You can’t ask theirs make up for you always, so you must learn to make up yourself!

Here is the list of items you need when make up!

Kate Gradical Eyes BR-1

Rimmel London Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow

Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Surprise Stick Concealer

Lash Expander Frame Plus

TheFaceShop Eyelash Glue

Rimmel London Lipstick

Body Shop Loose Powder

Etude House Eyelash Curler

Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little

Body Shop Blusher

Loreal Paris True Match Foundation

Step 1: Again with the same routine: Moisturize your face and conceal all imperfections! This time which is a bit different from my previous daily make up tutorial, instead of just dabbing loose powder, I applied some foundation beforehand. Then, you will have a clean, flawless face to ” paint ” on .

Step 2: Depending on what character you will be cosplaying, (unless the character has black / dark hair color) you will have to nude your eyebrows. I conceal my eyebrows using a stick concealed because I will be putting on a blonde/pink wig later.

Step 3: I apply the lightest shade of brown on my entire eyelid. Then I use the next darker brown and blend it from my lash line to the crease. For the darkest shade of brown, I use it on the crease of my eyes from the corner to the outer edges. I also lightly brush some light brown on my lower eyelid.

Step 4: Then it’s eyeliner time! This time I lined my lower eyeliner too to make my eyes appear larger.

Step 5: Stick on the fake upper lashes. Then, curl it upwards using your favorite eyelash curler. For cosplay, I prefer thicker and longer fake lashes so that it’s more obvious in photos. That’s my eye with and without the lashes, can you see the difference?

Step 6: Spam mascara on your lower lashes!

Step 7: Use a tweezers to stick on the fake lashes one by one. I stick them slightly below my real lower lashes. It also blends in well and looks more natural.

Step 8: I use the blonde-like color to shade my eyebrows. On the left pix, you can see that my right eyebrow is colored and the other one is not. On the second pix, both my eyebrows are colored.

Step 9: Smile when you apply the blusher on your cheeks.

Step 10: Apply nude lipstick! It’s the matter of preference actually. Personally I prefer using nude lipstick if I have blusher on, so that the focus will be on my eyes and cheeks instead of my lips. Won’t want the make up to be too over.

The last step: Put on your wig.

Ok, make up is over, you dress in your cosplay costume ,you will have a perfect cosplay!

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