2011 summer anime preview guide

Anime News Network is displaying 2011 summer anime preview guide since Jul 4th 2011, and it is an ongoing guide they will update new previews every day.
It is designed to give you a taste of the first episode (or the first few episodes) of a show with a preliminary opinion and a few thoughts on whether or not the show has potential. These are not intended to be blanket judgments of these series as a whole. All reviews use the same ratings scale: 1-5, with 1 being the lowest. Shows that are available streaming online will be indicated as such with links.
The newest reviews will always appear at the TOP of each critic’s page, so if you’re wondering what’s new, you just need to click the critic’s name and their latest work will pop right up. You also can scroll down to see earlier reviews. The newest title in each critic’s page will also be bolded for your convenience. They have a total of seven writers contributing this time; each writer will be added as their first submissions arrive.
For anime fans, Anime News Network is a good place to focus the newest anime update!

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