2011 show out beautiful chobits girls

If you are a girl loving beauty, if you are planning to be the most adorable girl, chobits is the best one! Chobit Chi cosplay can not be a lot more ideal to release their zeal and showcase their allure. Chobits Chi and Chobits Freya are both very beautiful and adorable girls.

Chi can make her look in the fiction as a princess-like adorable lady. She is enormously extraordinary with the two her adorable colorings and cute personalities. Chobits Chi cosplay provides a fantastic opportunity to use your wits and creativity.

Chobits cosplay really can bring you to a wonderland!

Tell you how to cosplay Harry Potter

Harry Potter cosplay

Harry Potter cosplay

British writer JK Rowling created series of novels Harry Potter, a total of seven. Series of novels have been translated into nearly 70 languages, in more than two hundred countries, cumulative sales of more than 450 million copies.

1 Obtain a pair of round glasses without lenses, or if you already wear glasses, use your own. Wrap a piece of clear tape around the middle of the frames so that they look just like Harry’s broken glasses.

2 Wear a long-sleeved rugby shirt, preferably solid orange with a red stripe across the chest. Complete the outfit with jeans and sneakers.

3 Determine how similar your hair type is to Harry’s. If your hair is dark and long enough to style, apply mousse or gel liberally and run your fingers through your hair to make it stand on end. If your hair is light or too short to style, buy a black wig.

4 Use thick Halloween makeup to create Harry’s other trademark, a dark pink scar in the shape of a lightning bolt in the middle of his forehead.

5 Tie a scarlet cape around your neck if you want to impersonate Harry as a Quidditch player.

6 Use a small Styrofoam ball, about the size of a walnut, for the snitch that Harry captures in the Quidditch games. Paint it gold with spray paint or color it with a gold marker.

7 Stick two small white or silver feathers into the Styrofoam ball to serve as the wings of the snitch.

8 Carry the snitch along with you, as well as a broomstick, to look as if you just came from a Quidditch game.

Latest TIGER & BUNNY Poster, Japanese Superhero coming!

Tiger & Bunny is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise. The screenplay was written by Masafumi Nishida, with original character design by Masakazu Katsura. The series began its broadcast run in Japan on April 3, 2011 on Tokyo MX, followed by rebroadcasts on BS11 Digital and MBS, and ended on September 17, 2011.

As the popularity of the animation, TIGER & BUNNY would be shoot as the Movie theater version and would be shown on 2012.

This september, when the television animation show the final Episode, the producer released the info of next project. I think this news have make the anime fans exciting and hopeful.

In western culture, one people would become a hero most because they have specific ability, such as superman, spider-man or batman, and then they should guard their country and meanwhile live a conventional life. The Japanese animation TIGER & BUNNY is also following this law. The story happened on a virtual Sternbild city, there have all kinds of races, nations and even the specially gifted people named next. and these next have safeguarded peace of this city as superheroes. in this country, next is usual, and even the superhero also one profession which represent all kinds of Sponsors. These superheroes should help people of varied things for get the hero points. Further say, the things should be on the air of HERO TV, and that could help these superheroes become the King of Hero. Among all the supehreroes, the Leading actor Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and new hero Barnaby Brooks Jr have become the new combination, but the combination suffering a crisis that the two people are polar opposites.

Death Note Misa Cosplay Fashion Show

Misa is a popular Japanese idol from Death Note. She is immature and tends to refer to herself in the third person in an attempt to be cute. She is completely devoted to Light, saying that she loved him at first sight, although the feeling is hardly mutual- since Light merely views her as a rather annoying asset. In the manga version, she kills herself after Light’s death, which is implied in the anime’s finale. What happens to her after the film version is uncertain- the only remaining characters whose fates are revealed are L and the Yagami family.

Misa in Death Note anime
Misa Amane in the anime

Misa in Death Note Movie

Misa Amane in the films

Misa, portrayed in the film by Erika Toda. Toda said that she admired the fact that Misa “does everything she sets out to do” and that the actions of Light and Misa are “criminal.”

Death Note Misa cosplay

Death Note Misa cosplay

Misa is a cute, she owns a beautiful appearance, and she is dedication of love. Misa is a many girls’ idol, hence there are so many Death Note Misa cosplay. Do Misa cosplay is very easy! Just a Misa cosplay costume and a death note, maybe a wig.


Marvel and MADHOUSE

American comic’s publisher Marvel Comics and Japanese animation company MADHOUSE together cooperation, four of the Marvel Comics series Comic heroes would turn into a “four Japanese animation” version. Among the whole tetralogy of Marvel Comics heroes in this animated version of Japan, each are scheduled to broadcast 12 sets animation. Moreover, in addition to last year, after another long before the two main characters open Ironman and Wolverine, a few days ago confirmed by the Japanese side: the third, fourth, respectively the two male lead is X-MEN and BLADE! In addition, we open from Marvel 2009Q3, but also further confirm the Ironman and Wolverine will act as pioneers, respectively, in the spring, summer air.

X-men by Marvel and MADHOUSE

See this message, I expressed shock and curiosity, is indeed the “Marvel and MADHOUSE”! Just to see the image of Wolverine I come down a bit, but in fact do not need that long hair, paint is not very handsome, may be stronger.

In fact strictly speaking, X-Men and Blade’s name as early as last summer United States “Comic-Con 2009”, during the event to spread rumors. Until MADHOUSE Beijing Business Office Assistant Manager be the hosted a lecture “Japan-China cooperation in theater works ‘チ ベ ッ ト犬物语’ に み る中国ジ ネ ス”on February 4, he confirmed this rumors to the whole audience personally.

The most classical cartoon,do you agree?

 Dragon Ball

I found a very serious problem, I have written so many blogs, incredibly my favorite Dragon Ball never mentioned, it seems people old just have a bad memory. Dragon Ball is well-known in many countries, much attention recently, my roommates also look the series cartoon on Internet, in 2009 is still out of the movie, what seven Dragon Ball live-action version, unexpectedly turtle immortal acted by Chow Yun-fat, is Master Roshi. What time will it take a more complete version, gathered all the characters, and dragon, that will certainly become a audiovisual feast of Dragon Ball to fans.

Dragon Ball (alias: seven Dragon Ball ) is created by the famous Japanese cartoonist Akira Toriyama, satisfiedly works, published in 1984, 1992 to launch” Dragon Ball ”sequel again. This long epic serialized in “Shounen Jump ” for 7 years.

The story of Goku, his father and the seven dragon balls which can satisfy people’s wish, taking the readers from the village to cities, from the earth to an alien, from now to future.

According to the comic story of Dragon Ball, also launched a series of cartoons, whether the TV version or theater version, which attractted countless dragon ball fan, lifting the upsurge of dragon ball.

Dragon ball games also come on stage in succession in various consoles, the game mode is of wide varieties, all those let the dragon ball fans with addiction.

Beautiful Perona

About Perona

Perona (ペローナ, Perōna) is a character form One Piece. Perona  is a girl who is able to produce ghosts from her body through the powers of the Horo Horo no Mi. She was the Zombie Animal and Zombie Ambush Commander of Thriller Bark before the collapse of Gekko Moriah’s zombie army. She is one of the major antagonists of the Thriller Bark arc, being one of the Mysterious Four.

Awesome: 3, Perona truly is such a cute little antagonist in One Piece. She’s one of my favorite.

Perona cosplay

Perona is a very cute girl. She has been the most cosplayers’ choice.

I like Jill’s pink curl cosplay wig so much! And I like kawaii eira’s red boots, it’s very cute!!!!!

How much do you know about cosplay costume?

cosplayCosplay, maybe it already has no new words to describe .Everyday, there are hundreds of cosplayers doing their favorite cosplay all over the world. We see their dressing, beautiful, relative, and cute…… In a word, their costumes make us surprised!!

How much do you know about these cosplay costume that make us surprised?

The most of these cosplay costume are made by cosplayers themselves, you maybe can’t believe,

But it is true! The big part of cosplayers is designers. They deign their favorite character costume to cosplay them. The costume will be very suitable than those bought in cosplay stores. But it is very expensive and it need much professional skills.

There are also parts of cosplayer choosing buy cosplay costume in stores. Because these costumes are not like our daily clothing, so it is usually ordering at first, then factory make it based on your body size, thus the costume will much more fit your body.

Why do you cosplay?

According to this question” why do you cosplay?” I have done a survey.

I: Can you tell me why do you cosplay?

Taliesin: I love dressing up. c: Con is like an extension of Halloween, but with actual characters in really short skirts instead of “graveyard fairies” with really short skirts.

HMTQ – Madge: I cosplay as a hobby. It’s a fun thing to do in my spare time. But it does go deeper than that. i love being able to go to conventions and be around people I have so much common ground with. Cosplay just makes that all the more fun. ^_^

I: How can you leave time to cosplay?

Tehkukikookie: It keeps me busy and focused on something. I’m not able to do most active…activities because of a condition, so cosplaying is a fun thing to do when I get tired of drawing or reading.

There are 8 people who voted my question. There are 87.5%, 7 people just as a hobby, only one for others, there in nobody make cosplay as a job!

It means they are cosplay in pastime just sometimes. But I have learned many cosplay lovers want to cosplay, but they don’t act, why? The big problem is


Yes, especially cosplay costume will waste much money! But there have several online stores, in the store, cosplay costume are no as expensive as others, what’s more, you can get the best quality costumes!

Oriental charming—Top ten Bishoujo with long black hair

The black long hair could give people the feeling of classic, and usually these female with black long hair also have the tender, virtuous and considerate characteristic, these attributes are thinking of the Oriental charming. And besides all these traditional characteristics, they may have some other Personalities love. In ACG’s world, black long hair is one very important

The black long hair not only the girls’ favorite but also arouse heterosexual love. In ACG’s world, the black long hair is one very important cute attribute. Today, we select top ten young girls with black long hair.

Yoko Hikasa

Yoko Hikasa —K-ON

Yoko Hikasa is a student of Sakura high school, she is on stand-up bass. Left-hander and black long hair is her most obvious characters. She is tall and quiet, she often give people one shy and soft feelings. Akemi Homura

Akemi Homura— Puella Magi Madoka Magica

She is studying in high school, have waist length hair. She is one very calm girl. Infinite Samsara make her sense everything. The purple and black are her represent colors, and her weapon is one targe and longbow. Kuronuma Sawako

Kuronuma Sawako—-Kimi ni Todoke

Gloomy, overlong black hair, even pale skin in hot summer, that are the impressions inspiration that people feel to the inspiration girls. But different from these common characteristics of inspiration girls, Kuronuma Sawako both introverted and lively. Even though a little thing could move her. Enma ai

Enma ai —- Hell Girl

Enma ai is one spirit girl of red eyes and black hair who often wearing the sailor suit, when she was cursed, she will replace to the kimono. Her Face Expressionless and few Mood Swings. She like folding paper cranes, playing ball and such childhood games. Ichihara Yuuko

Ichihara Yuuko—- XXXholic

Ichihara Yuuko is one real queen who have black long hair, no matter her momentum or her behavior are throwing off unique ambition of Queen. She is strong, brainy, and forward-looking, she has her own principle in doing things. No wonder cantankerous Culloch will love her. Saten Ruiko

Saten Ruiko— Only my railgun

Saten Ruiko does not have any special ability, but she rely on her innocent, openness, careful, soft and Consideration and some other characteristics play a part among all the cartoon roles. But she has one brut ability—lift the skirt, I believe that all the enthusiasts could find their sympathies. kagami kuro

kagami kuro— Kodomo no Jikan

kagami kuro have black long hair and black eyes, she is a daughter of the well-to-do. She is not good at study, but she wearing all kinds of headwear for beauty. She is littler than the ordinary pupils. She like Rin very much. Akaba chizuru

Akaba chizuru— Seitokai no Ichizon

akaba chizuru is both brainy and beautiful, she has one black long hair. And she always sent out her mature and soft charming. Although she is the diplomatists of student union, in fact, she is very evil, she often get delight in bullying sakurano kurimu and key. Amakusa Shino

Amakusa Shino — Seitokai Yakuindomo

The student council president and a second-year student. She is serious and diligent, talented in most subjects, and is also very popular among the student body. However, she is almost always thinking of perverted things, even suggesting that one of her main reasons to be interested in Tsuda is curiosity about information not covered in health classes. She fears heights and insects, and has a complex about her chest, which is exacerbated by the fact that Aria happens to be more well-endowed than she is. She later develops some feelings for Takatoshi.


Seraphim— Koreha Zombie Desuka

Seraphim play a part in this cartoon by accident of her mixed individuality such as outstanding appearance, sexy figure, Vicious Tongue, tsundere. She is one Vampire ninja come from one country, and she is very righteous and honest.